It's The Weekend | Number Six

Our very neglected garden beds. 
It's been raining the last few days around these parts and my heart has been so happy about it. It reminds me of my season of time in the northwest. I just want to go play music and drink tons of coffee. If only that were a distinct possibility right now. But, it is the weekend and I don't plan on even leaving my house today if I can help it. 

I do enjoy finding great things out on the internet. There are lots of people doing some extraordinary things and I like keeping track of those things. Sometimes though, the internet is a cesspool of disgusting and hurtful things. Last night I was perusing Facebook and stumbled onto a video of a man beating a small child to a pulp. Due to the automatic play feature of most videos on Facebook, I didn't even realize what I was watching until it was too late. Ryan knows how it affected me I'm sure my pregnancy hormones were no help.  I was disgusted, frustrated, almost in tears. I went into my child's room and kissed and hugged her for good measure. There are nasty things out in this world. It took everything I had within me to get that image out of my head and to fall asleep last night. We watched a lot of funny cat videos and I read my new book in an attempt to drift to sleep. 

Anyways, sometime the internet is sucky. But, the links below help me realize that not everything out there is frustrating and ugly. This week, we are talking pizza, making a house a home, some parenting stuff, and the idea of gardening. Enjoy. 

I am making this pizza this week. I've been craving those artichokes. 

To continue on the pizza craze, because we love pizza in this home, how about some pull apart pizza bread for good measure?

I am always thinking about how to make our house a home.  I love the idea of embracing your story for your home. So often I get caught up in trends and what everyone else is doing. Just do you. 

This is a bit of a read but I thought it was interesting: How Parenting Became A Full Time Job. 

I also found this interesting....Visualizing the data of parenting.  

I've been thinking about gardening this year again. It's been a few years and I think Marin would have a blast. Here is some great gardening 101, especially with kiddos. 

Bedtime hoops...Four questions you should be asking your child at bedtime. I love this. 

Have a great weekend! 

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