Growing Old

I haven't done a you tube video in forever....

I sat down and wrote this song a few days ago. I'm sure it will probably continue to morph into many different things. It is very rare I can sit down and write an entire song; VERY RARE. I usually have a couple ideas swimming around in my head, but once I get to the point of getting all of them out, it turns into quite a process.

(Also...please forgive the horrible quality. You'll get the gist of it.)

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Growing Old

I got

too many lessons learned

too many bridges burned

I can’t just throw it all away

I ran

to many different things

Our hearts break

and now it rings

out in the darkest night and cold.

And pains not growing old.

I spent

many nights on the porch

contemplating the score

between my heart and my loss

I found

the past had taken course.

back to where I was before

And a life the lives bold

I traveled a million miles away

Try to get back to the place where my heart had stayed

but it’s written on the wall

I can’t run from you at all.

I strive

in the battles lost and won

our work is never done

we live the questions now

I know

that the flood will surely come

our lives will be undone

as we wish for days of old.

The pains not growing old.


  1. Good song, melancholy...
    And ironically you look younger than I remember.

  2. Younger? Really. That's strange. I feel much older. And the song is called growing old, not young! :)