Looking Back at 2009

Before I get immensely excited about telling all of my goals for 2010 to the blog world, I decided that it was very necessary to look back on all of the amazing things that occurred in 2009, what a life changing year it was!

Last January, Ryan and I took a trip to my beloved Portland. One year ago today, we were on the road heading to the northwest. I dearly wish I could say that is what we are doing today, but sadly, it is not. I miss you, dearest northwest.

In February, I quit working at the most amazing coffeehouse on the planet, but began a new challenging job in a field I didn't think I would ever pursue. I began as a financial administrator for a a dental office. (Note: It is probably the most rock n roll dental office you will ever witness in your life.) I had moments of wanting to pull out my hair and wondered why in the world me, a creative, artsy-fartsy individual deemed it a good idea to go into a job with so many numbers. But, I'm glad I did.

I also have joined a number of bands this year. I love being able to just go help someone else out with their project and just be a musician for a change. It is so challenging, but I love it. I joined this band in the Spring of 2009. They are an amazing group of gentleman that are mega-talented!

The month of May consisted of us running around like headless chickens while preparing for a wedding, bridal showers, and the anticipation of beginning a new life together. I am blessed.

On June 13, 2009, I married my best friend. The most amazing day of my entire life. We then went to San Francisco for our honeymoon. He is the most amazing man I have ever known.

July was a month of beginning married life and moving into a place we could call our own. The process was a bit longer than expected, but well worth all of it.

The next month consisted of playing a Battle of the Bands competition against a 15 bands from FOCO and winning! It was so enjoyable!

Those couple of days opened up a realm of possibilities for us as a band. We won some free recording time, got my record on college radio, even had a radio interview! 2009 was a good music year.

We started recording at Pigpen Studios. This experience has opened up so many opportunities for me musically.

In October, I changed my job title. I know that the change was the best thing for me. I got my own office, now work as a corporate administrative assistant and do a lot of HR stuff. The position is FAR more suited for me and I still get to work for an amazing company.

The past few months have been spent continuing to work on our record, playing solo shows, doing quite a few more photo-shoots, having our first Christmas together, joining another band called the Piggies, playing with the Riflemen, and dreaming about 2010.

2009 was an amazing year. Looking back, I can't even imagine how my life got to all of these amazing places, especially since I went through a couple of very challenging years prior to 2009. Redemption rings true. I am truly blessed.

2010 goals up next.
Stay tuned.

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