Christmas at the Hollens

I finally took some photos of our house this Christmas. I love owning a house and being able to decorate as much as I please. I also love the DollarTree and the fact that I spent about 40 bucks on everything. Last year I used aqua and silver. This year I decided on gold, silver, and white on the tree. In our kitchen, I used most of our ornaments from last year. It's almost pathetic to think of how excited I was to have banister now to decorate. 

I love Christmas. Hopefully these next few days are easy going at work and then I can enjoy time with my family and friends. Many things have been circulating through my mind and heart as of late and this coming year is one of the unknown, which makes me search it out all the more. 

Here's to some time of reflecting upon 2010 and dreaming about 2011. 

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