#12: Read a book every month

As a part of my 25 things before 25, I vowed to read a new book every month. I have gone above and beyond that lately, consuming a lot of books, which I am fully alright with. 

Some of the titles as of late....

Juliet, Naked

This book was a very quick, but enjoyable read. I consumed it in about two days, when I need to be doing a lot of other things, but this book was my aid to my procrastination. 

One Day

This book takes place in the lives of two people, one day every year for a number of years. It is all about the ups and downs of their relationship and how their lives intertwine with one another. I believe they are also making a movie out of it. 

The Opposite of Love

Some of my girlfriends and I decided to start a book club, nerdy and awesome, I know. This was our first pick. We randomly chose this one late one night at the bookstore and the choice deemed itself wonderful. A story of love, loss, and love found again. It was a total chick book, but in the best way possible. 

Eating Animals

Open at your own risk, for you will never eat the same again. I've been greatly researching the foods I eat and the condition in which our food industry is in. I'm slowly but surely making the change of taking meat out of my diet, for personal and health reasons, but also due to the condition that we find our food industry really in. This book is packed with tons of research, facts, humor, and is a perfect tool for those that want more knowledge about what really eat. 

We are what we eat. 

Omnivore's Dilemma

This is my current read, much like the book mentioned above. I think it is good to know what it is we are actually eating. The necessity of our food has changed greatly over the years and the chicken we even eat today doesn't hardly even resemble to one our grandparents consumed when they were kids. 

I like books like this that challenge me. 

I am sure there will be many more titles to come, but these are the few I have devoured. Now that I have been out of college for a few years, it's refreshing to be able to read whatever I want. 

On a much cooler note, I have a feeling that I will be getting one of these for Christmas. 
Beyond excited. 

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