The Pack A.D: Chick Rock with Guts

Music to my ears, quite literally. As a chick musician, I do my best to stumble across bands that are woman fronted or include female musicians that I can actually respect and appreciate. I have nothing against the poppy acoustic driven chicks out there (at least they are doing what they do and are rockin' it), but that is about as far from my taste as it gets. Enough of the sugar coated butterflies and four chord wonder songs. 

Play some music with some guts. 

Today, I was enlightened. While listening to Pandora at work, which is probably the best website I have ever discovered while being stuck in an office all day, I heard a band pop up on the mix I was listening to. 

Case and Point....The Pack A.D. 
(Image Source: The Coast
( Image Source: Shaun Stander

Awesome two piece band of two women that actually play their instruments and do so with rock n' roll to the core. I'm hooked. 

They remind me a lot of the Black Keys or the White Stripes, both bands I love and adore. 

Take a listen. 

And Ladies, let's do more of this kind of rock n' roll. 

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