Yesterday, we bought......

A van!! Yes. You read that correctly. Yesterday, we purchased a van.

I have been needing a new vehicle for quite some time now. My little neon had faithfully taken me all the way through college and back. I commuted many miles in that little faithful car. But, even though we had some grand times together, it was time to say good bye.

When I first started car shopping, I knew we had three needs. Good gas milage, lots of cargo space, and a dependable car for when we go down the road of having children. I dreamed of a cool hatchback or something along those lines. Through shopping, we declared that we should by a van. Now, I fought this idea for a while. A van?!? Are you kidding me?!?! Soccer moms drive vans. But, as I wrestled through our decision, it made a lot of sense. We are musicians. We haul A LOT of music gear. We can camp in this van. We can haul all of our friends all over the place in this thing.

I'm going to rock it. I'm going to be the childless woman driving a minivan while blasting Led Zeppelin from the speakers with my oversized sunglasses and the sun on my face. This particular van was definitely in our price range, in stellar condition, and will be great for hauling around little kiddos a few years from now.

So, I've killed my pride and determined that I shall drive this van. I've already had multiple women ask me if I'm pregnant after I've told them we bought a van. I am not. Believe me, the entire world will know when I'm pregnant. That is not something I will be able to keep hush hush for very long.

So, meet our new ride. :)

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