Goals for May

How is it even possible that we are already in the month of May? I feel like I begin every new month with that very same question. April flew by so fast that I barely feel that I got to take it all in. I almost completed all of my goals for April, though. That is a triumph in itself. The only one I failed to do was to take some Outfit Posts for this little blog. They are planned out but it's just a matter of taking the dang photos. Being stuck in an office all day doesn't all give me the best light once I exit those doors. 

May already is dear to my heart this year. Many changes are coming about, some things are remaining the same. It's raining outside as I write this post, which warms my very heart. I love rain. It could do this for days and I wouldn't feel sad about it at all. I would though just want to stay indoors, organize our lives, drink too much coffee, and sit down with a novel or two. One can dream. It's the beginning of yet another busy, work-filled week. 

Goals for this month....

Continue the Great Garage Sale preparation. I've only made a small dent in a big, stuff-we-don't-really-need-anymore world. 

Go to the Farmer's Market. 

Schedule a massage. Even for next month. I need it. 

Plan a getaway for our anniversary in June. 

Do an outfit post!! No more procrastination. 

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