Arliss Nancy: Wild American Runners

I've known a few of these gentleman for a while now. I've played music with one of them in a few different projects. They are probably one of the hardest working bands I've come across in Fort Collins and their raw sound is playing in my car quite often as I'm running all over town for one thing or another. 

They are Arliss Nancy. They are coming out with a new record in October: Wild American Runners. I can't wait. They are rough around the edges, good ol' rock n' roll. 

Once they contacted me again about doing some photography for them and I jumped at the chance. Whenever I get the chance to photograph a band, I always jump at that chance. Band photography is my most favorite in the entire world. I think partially because I am a musician myself that also hates having their picture taken and knowing that someone knows what they are doing and what we want the finished product to be puts the band at ease. There's nothing more awkward than a bunch of musicians that don't want their picture taken. I am one of those. Always.

I didn't even know until I did this last shoot with them that some of my photography that I did for them previously ended up in their album artwork. Go figure. I had no idea. A pleasant surprise. 

Check them out. Their current tour dates are on their Facebook page and I believe they are currently traveling Europe as we speak. 

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