Bridge Wedding: June 2013

I have had these photos done for a while now, but I wanted to make sure I posted something from this June wedding. Ryan and I kind of stumbled upon this job. We knew the bride and groom. We knew they were looking for someone. They asked us if we knew anyone and I was like: well, you do know we shoot weddings right? The rest is history. 

This was the first huge project that I shot when I was pregnant. I was exhausted far beyond how tired I usually am after a wedding. It also took so much longer to edit for me (I still met my deadline) due to the fact that my morning sickness in my first trimester was very much night sickness. Sitting down to edit hundreds of photos isn't very appealing when my house is a billion degrees and my world is a spinning orb of nausea. (Melodramatic much?) At least most of the sickness is long behind me and I was able to deliver a product that we are very proud of. 

A few of our favorites....


There are hundreds more. But, these were some of my favorites. 

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