Waiting for Marin

Tomorrow I will be 1 week overdue. We have spent the past week preparing the last minute details in anticipation for our little ones arrival. I have spent many evenings wondering if this will be the last time I get ready for bed without a little one to keep us company. Will this be the last time I shave my legs in peace for awhile? Will this be the last time I almost sleep through the night, aside from getting up to go the restroom too many times every night? Will this be the last time our little home is strangely silent? Will this be the last time my house is somewhat clean and organized? 

Yet, as I write these words, she still has not arrived into this world. 

We spent a good part of yesterday at one of my normal OB appointments. I didn't think I would actually end up going to this appointment. I figured she would be here by now. A normal appointment turned into a trip to the hospital across the street for a no stress test, some blood work, and an ultrasound. Everything was done in preparation for the possibility of us welcoming our little girl into this world. But, alas, I am not dilated at all, at least as of yesterday, and they sent us home around 8:30pm last night. All of her tests came back with flying colors and it seems that she still wants to bake in there for a little while longer. 

So, we still wait. 

We still receive countless text messages and emails from friends and family. 

Is she here yet? 

Will she have red hair and dimples like her mama? 

Have they talked about inducing you yet? 

*As a side note: Ryan and I really aren't a fan of the whole inducing thing. We would much rather have her take her precious time as long as there are no medical emergencies. Just so you all know. :) There are too many risk factors that come with induction, at least in our opinion. 

So, we still wait. 

We had Valentine's Day donuts because clearly my man knows the way to my heart. 
We are taking it easy and I'm drinking my pregnancy tea like it's going out of a style. 
I am working here and there for the dental office from home. 
We are spending our last days together as just a couple. Soaking it all in. 

So, we still wait. 

My poor, swollen feet. 

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  1. You are so close, your sweet babe will be here before you know it and the wait will seem like a lifetime ago. Congratulations! <3