Baby Marin | Week Forty

Week forty. Only twelve more weeks until our little girl is one years old. I can hardly believe it. 

This week, Marin experienced her very first Thanksgiving. Both sides of our family went to my parent's home, stuffed ourselves with delicious food, and passed two adorable babies around through out the festivities. Marin loved the sweet potatoes. She wasn't too keen on a few other things on her spoon but we are working on it. 

Marin wore the first dress that my mom made for her, along with the matching hat. The hat isn't finished yet so it was awfully big on her but still adorable. 

I couldn't help but think about how different this year is compared to this time last year. Last year, I was very pregnant and very curious about our little girl. I was very uncomfortable most of the time and very anxious. This year, we spent the day with our little girl and I was able to enjoy some wine. We are yet again surrounded by family but have added to little ones to the mix. So much has changed in a year. So much. 

Baby Marin. Week Forty. 

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