Baby Marin | Week Thirty Six

 photo week36_zps868b3c2d.jpg

Look at our child's face. Just look at it. This is the face of...OMG, Mom, you almost forgot to post my weekly picture. 

You're right, kid. You are right. It is Saturday evening and here I am writing away. 

 photo week361_zpsc1b23f9f.jpg

We will keep this short and sweet because that's kind of how life is rolling these days. I've recently changed jobs, more on that later. I am surrounded by baby toys and a fussy baby that is probably not going to take this time change very well. She will surely be a little confused tomorrow morning when she tries to wake up at 4am. Still no teeth in her adorable little mouth and I am certain I will be shocked when we finally have a tooth. 

Good things are happening, many good things. 

 photo week362_zpsa29e27e5.jpg

Baby Marin. Week Thirty Six. 

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