I am so thankful for......

Family. Seeing life through the eyes of a child. Marin's milestones. Marriage. True Love. A roof over our heads. Heat. Food on our tables. Money to pay our bills. The Word. Baby smiles. Exploring the world. Cat cuddles. Steaming hot cups of coffee. Good food. Good company. The Creative. The church. Our jobs. Learning how to be a mom. Our side jobs. Good books. Clothes on our backs. Shoes on our feet. Clean water. Our home. The holidays. Community. Jesus. Early mornings. Late nights. Good wine. The Kingdom. Music. New friends. Songwriting. Afternoon walks.Old friends. Parenting together. Childhood wonder. Learning day by day how to be a mom and still be an artist. 


I'm thankful for....

The past that taught us so much, the present in which we live, and the future that we look forward to. 

A day late, but.... Happy Thanksgiving.

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