32 Things Before 32

Every year for the past few years, I've written a list around my birthday. This list consists of many things that I want to accomplish in the new year in front of me. Last year, I didn't do very well on checking items off of my list. I found out I was pregnant in October and many items on the list ended up never being completed. I was a little preoccupied with growing a human. But, now I have begun my 32nd year, Sullivan was born in July and I have created a new, fresh list, just waiting to completed.

Here is my list from last year.....

1. Read 31 books. (I read 20)
3. Get pregnant with #2.
4. Paint the outside of our house.
5. Embrace a side hustle.
6. Play a show.
7. See the ocean.
8. Make a big purchase with cash.  (We roofed our house and paid cash for it!) 
9. Get another tattoo. (Can't get inked when you are pregnant) 
12. Get a deep tissue massage.
13. Redo our basement: paint everything, new flooring, doors, etc. 
14. Finish a song. 
15. Go to a drive-in movie. 
16. Start writing a book. 
17. Thrift more. 
18. Increase our curb appeal.
19. Travel somewhere new. 
20. Build up an emergency fund. (About half way there...) 
21. Meal plan and decrease our grocery budget. 
22. Purge the entire house, every room!
23. Develop a product or new venture.  
24. Get family pictures taken. 
27. Read the Dark Tower Series, Harry Potter Series, and Anne of Green Gables Series. (I made it about half way through two of these series) 
28. Take a class. 
29. Seasonal Fun: pumpkin patch, picking strawberries, the zoo, parades, the fair, etc. 
30. See a show at Red Rocks
31. Splurge on the perfect pair of jeans. 

Here is my list for this new year....

1. Read 32 books. 
2. Learn how to use my pressure cooker & air fryer. 
3. Re-do our basement. 
4. Paint the outside of our home. 
5. Landscape our yard and rebuild back porch. 
6. Replace all interior doors. 
7. Create a plan to become debt free by 2020 (including student loans....) 
8. Rejoin Weight Watchers meetings
9. Get another tattoo
10. Get family photos taken & print some photo books. 
11. Finish writing a song. 
12. Go to the dentist and the doctor for exams. 
13. Get a massage. 
14. Family walks. 
15. Take a family vacation. 
16. Have time away with my hubby. 
17. Embrace a side hustle. 
18. Breastfeed Sullivan for one year. 
19. Reset up the practice space and actually play our music gear. 
20. Design a product. 
21. Go to the drive-in. 
22. Blog consistently and revamp blog layout. 
23. Finish reading the Bible In a Year. 
24. Go to a concert. 
25. 12 date nights. 
26. Take a Barre Method Class
27. Finish the Dark Tower/Harry Potter Series. 
28. Get a facial. 
29. Take one self-portrait a month. 
30. Grow something. 
31. Start a new family tradition. 
32. Start saving money for our 10 year anniversary trip. 

I am ready to dive head first into this new year. I feel like I'm just beginning the journey once more of re-learning how to be myself after having a baby. I'm excited for what this year holds. Hello thirty two. 

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