No Spend July: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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I've decided to embark upon a season that probably seems crazy to most. For one month, the month of July, I am not going to spend any extra money. Obviously, we still need to buy groceries and diapers, and pay our bills,  but other than that....nada, zip, zilch. I've been realizing over the past few months that I spend way too much money on way too much stuff. Amazon and I are very tight friends that need some time a part. We need a "break-up" period, if you will. I should probably admit to the fact that I might have a bit of an online shopping addiction. There's so much cute baby stuff, so many new books, so many new anything and everything-s that I don't need to buy. The FEDEX and UPS guy probably know the location of my house by heart by now. That is a problem.

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I know a lot of people do No Spend November, but I am doing No Spend July. Maybe I'll do November too?

It's simple. Don't spend any money except for the bare necessities. (I feel like Mogli from the Jungle Book should sing us a little tune every time I write those words.) 


+ Obviously, groceries and diapers are needed.
+ We need to pay our mortgage, bills, and buy gas to get to work to pay those bills.
+ One date night out with my husband is allowed. Finding a coupon for the evening's festivities will be a must. 
+ Anything related to building my business with Doterra falls under what I can spend. I need to spend a certain amount each month to keep building my business and earning commission. Which is awesome! I have a few classes this month so I shouldn't need to dip into my spending. 


+ Coffeeshops. (Boo)
+ Any salon appts. (ex: manis, pedis, eye brow wax, etc, etc, etc.)
+ Nothing from Amazon
+ Nothing from Target, Ross, or any other store for that matter.
+ Eating out. Grabbing a big ol' delicious salad at Whole Foods. Then leaving after buying half of the store, ie. half of my paycheck. 
+ Etc.
+ Etc.
+ Etc.

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I am ready. I need this change. I need this challenge.

I will update periodically as to how the challenge is going.

This will be a month of taking my lunch to work. Making my coffee at home. Not looking at Amazon, ever. 

I can totally do this. 

It's funny because as I have been working on this, I have seen so many ads for 50% off everything in the store, BOGO free with this purchase, and the list goes on and on. The struggle is real! 

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Here are resources to help: 
+ Read about how Fun Cheap or Free buys her groceries. No coupons! 
+ Dave Ramsey is the master of getting out of debt. Here are few of his budgeting forms. 
+ I've been using ReadyForZero to help manage my payments and get us out of debt. 

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