25 Things Before 25 (Continued)

Here is the rest of the list, the remaining 10.....

16. Pay off all of our debt

17. Have date night once a week

18. Paint our kitchen cabinets

19. Go camping 

20. Take photos of our house and blog about it

21. Find/Create art for our walls

22. Use my camera weekly, for something other than business

23. Write a new song

24. Go on a drive/hike this fall to see all of the changing colors in the mountains.

25. Do the Couch to 5k challenge (I’m almost scared to write down this one....) Oh boy. 

    Part of me is so excited to get home so I can start on the list. I can mark one off that occurred yesterday. I'll reveal which one a bit later. Needless to say: I'm excited. 

    Since I didn't blog yesterday, here are photos from our trip to the Oregon Coast. Oh how I have missed the ocean. 

    We are off to Portland this afternoon. I can't wait to see that city once again. 

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    1. We've been to Seaside...and the colors you get with pictures...amazing! Love them all...especially like the one of Ryan looking out @ the water...and the one of your feet!!!