We made it home from our wonderful vacation on Sunday night, after two days of my lovely husband driving us all the way back to Fort Collins. (He's awesome like that.) 

Now, reality has hit. My to-do list is forever growing. Part of me embraces it and the other part wants to run for cover. I realize more and more how un-spontaneous I am in many things in life. Routine sometimes is my biggest downfall, yet also sometimes my biggest triumph. I grasp on to all of the lists and all of the goals. Yet, sometimes you just have to get in the car and drive without a destination in mind and be alright with that. 

I wish I had an easier time figuring out how to dwell  in between the chaos and the control. It's a constant lesson. 

Currently, I'm editing photos like a mad women for our friend's wedding that I shot before we left on our trip. I couldn't bring my editing stuff with me so these photos were left in Fort Collins and seemed to call me back to them the whole trip. Now I will edit, edit, edit, edit, edit...

A bit of a sneak peak.... (I won't post photos of the actually wedding party, etc until I have full permission from them...) 

Photography makes me feel so alive. 

On another note, I can mark something off of my 25 Things Before 25 list! This one came around A LOT quicker than I thought it would and I didn't even spark the conversation this time. 

9. Have the Baby Talk! 

Ryan and I have decided when we will start trying to have a family. I realize that God is ultimately in control of all of that and we are constantly willing to go His route verses ours, but we have set a tentative time period that will allow us to somewhat financially prepare and allow me to get my body and health in tip top, baby making condition. 

It's almost weird to even talk about it! For so long I never thought I would get to this point. But, alas, the mama bug has actually bit. Craziness. 

Needless to say, I'm excited. 

And to our mothers..... I promise it is a plan that will not go into action for quite a while. No babies for us yet! :) But, someday you shall be grandmothers! 

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  1. What a blessing it will be to see a little Ryan OR a little Baily running around the house!!!! I am delighted of heart!!!!