Number Five

I successfully am able to cross another item off of my 25 Things Before 25 List! 

Yesterday my friend Katie and I unpacked my craft/art room! I'm so excited. I still have so many fun ideas for this space, but for now, at least the room isn't full of boxes. I wish I would have taken a before photo as well. 

This weekend has been quite productive....Finished editing a wedding, picked up my house, unpacked the art room, went grocery shopping (starting a new eating plan tomorrow, EEK!) 

Now if only I could get the desire to organize our mess of a garage. Maybe next weekend. 


  1. Its awesome. will you come do my craft room. Your mom could fill you in on how difficult a task it will be. Love your photos. Such a talented young lady.

  2. I love how you used your black canisters for holding crafting supplies...very clever!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person!