Seattle Bound: Day 1

We are bound for the northwest. We are bound for the very place in which I discovered who I was and the place I am to hold in this world. Many days were spent learning, loosing, and learning how to love my surroundings and the people that inhabited them.

Currently we drive through Wyoming; a barren stretch of wind forsaken land and little gas stations that are just simple little dots on a map. As we get further and further away from Fort Collins, I am a swell of emotions. Much of my mind is directed back to my to do lists back home, all of my work responsibilities that will quickly show themselves the second my suitcase hits our doorstep at home. Every mile marker is an omen of the fact that I can let go of all of those things for ten days; ten glorious days.

When you travel, you have a destination in mind. Yet, part of the journey is letting go of your everyday with every mile and just allowing yourself to live and take in all of your surroundings. That is my goal for this trip. Life has taken us on a wild ride in these past few weeks. I had a medical scare that reared its ugly head into our lives. My beloved neon completely broke down and now Firestone has just given a hefty amount of money to get the poor little thing working again. Work has been crazy, each of us logging too many hours.

But, here I sit facing vacation. Finally. It felt like this day would never come and that I would constantly be glued to my office chair staring at spreadsheets and dealing with employees; that the dishes would continue to pile up and the laundry basket would just continue to overthrow.

This is a swift journey now into my past, which always has its own worries and surprises with it. I welcome the stretching. I ached through that long gone season of my life and now that I dwell on the other side, I find that I have a much greater appreciation for all of the breaking and learning. Truthfully, I wouldn’t be sitting in a car with the amazing man I love, if I hadn’t gone through that season. Those seasons are the ones that shape us, even through the hurt and poor decision making. That season birthed in me so many things I didn’t even know existed.

So, without further adue, Hello Wyoming. As much as I’m surprised to say this, it’s good to see you.

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  1. Life IS full of events and people which shape us into the image we are today! So thankful for this trip for both you and for Ryan!!! It indeed will anchor that which is good...and file away that which needs to go...the Lord is good in His mercy and love towards us. I have a hunch that you both will write some new songs before this trip is over...Love you so very much!!! Heading over to say good morning to Mr. Lewis!!