Seattle: Day Three



Being in this city makes me realize just how much I miss this part of the country. You breathe a little easier (literally), the culture is rich with the bizarre and the out of the box, and there are a billion record stores in which I could drop entirely too much money on entirely too much vinyl; not to mention the fact that there is a good coffeehouse on nearly every corner that is just as unique as the city itself.

We began the day slowly with a french press and lounging around for a few hours. I rarely ever get the chance to just chill and rest, so those few hours were very welcomed and very needed. I tend to run at about a million miles an hour or more, depending on the week. Our lives are filled with band practices, photoshoots, church, work, etc, etc, etc. Our schedules carry on swiftly, usually far before us, to the point where I never feel like I can successfully catch up.

Vacation is needed. Rest is needed. That is why we are here.

We ventured out to a lovely shop called Cupcake Royale and indulged in a cupcake and a coffee.

We then found our way to probably two of the most glorious record shops I have stepped foot in. They were filled with people that actually seemed to love their jobs and were deeply passionate about vinyl. Can I own a store like that? Pretty please? We picked up “Heartbreaker” by Ryan Adams and “For Emma” by Bon Iver. Once we return home, our musical ears will thank us.

We just returned from Mars Hill Church and I feel encouraged and even more rejuvenated then when we walked in the doors.

I even got a new Bible. I have so many sitting upon myself that are falling apart, with binding falling out and covers missing; it was time. This one I am intensely excited about as well. It a “journal Bible” with sections on the side to write to my heart’s content. That is yet another reason why I love to buy books instead of borrow them: I mark them up like it’s nobodies business. That’s the way it should be. Every page you read becomes more of you and what you’ve drawn from each word and sentence.

Tomorrow, we are journeying to a Vintage Mall. I can hardly hold in my excitement. Tomorrow’s goal: find a typewriter.

I love this city.


  1. You last photo is one of my favorite views in the whole wide world...why you ask...because four most loved faces are gazing out onto that view on this very night...I am indeed blessed! Love you all!

  2. Oh...and congratulations on your 100th blog...hundreds more to come...Smile!!!