The Great Kitchen Re-Do, Part One

The beginning of this journey started long before the purchase of our first house last summer. This journey is found in the echoes of my childhood with a decor-savvy mother constantly decorating some room in our house while my dad was busy building and remodeling something in their hundred year old home. My parents have long understood the importance of making a house a home. Decorating is something that I believe is in my blood. Even back to high school when I worked at a Hallmark store and creating window displays was strangely enjoyable and rewarding to me. 

That being said, my husband has many projects to endure in our lifetime together. Lots of paint. Lots of DIY obsessions. Lots of projects. I am where I belong when I'm wearing an apron covered in paint and spend my weekends in my garage working on something new while listen to NPR. 

For once we live in a house where I can paint whatever wall I want or have a garden in the backyard if my heart so desires.  Our first massive project was that of re-doing our kitchen, with the lowest budget possible; which meant paint and new cabinet doors! When we bought this house it was as if the owners re-did everything, ran out of money, and stopped at the kitchen cupboards. Something needed to be done. 

These are all BEFORE shots of the kitchen. I will be posting AFTER shots later this week! :) 

 My father custom built these cabinet doors. Much white paint followed. Coats and coats and coats of it. 

Check back for Part Two of "The Great Kitchen Re-do." 

A retro flare. White, clean, crisp cabinets. Aqua walls. 

This project was worth every minute we put into it. 

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