The Red Cocktail Cart

I love thrift stores. I love antique stores. I know that when I find something that I really love and have usually been searching for for a longtime, I should probably buy it. I'll kick myself later if I go back to retrieve something and it's gone. It just has to be done. If you find something you adore, you probably should purchase it and deal with the situation later. It's kind of the unsaid rule of thrifting. It's just how things work. 

Last Friday, by chance, I walked into an antique store in downtown Loveland. My old stomping ground. I went in for no other reason than the fact that I parked my mom mobile right in front of the little building. What really caught my eye was a vintage silver Christmas tree in window. Sadly, that was not for sale. But, as I ventured further into a world of thrifting fantasy, I came upon this red kitchen cart. 

I've been looking for one of these for a long time. Usually, I find one that's white, beat to death, and barely usable. Or the store wants an insane amount of money for it and I'm not willing to budge on the budget. 

I found this one and immediately knew I had to have it for our kitchen. I asked the owner how long she had the cart out and she stated that she had just put it out yesterday. Loveland was having a little something called Night on the Town that evening and she said that it would probably  be gone by tomorrow. (Smart sales tactics, lady. Smart.) She knew how to get to me with that one. 

I left. I went on with my business. Got coffee, took photos for my mom, visited the grandparents. 

But, as I was preparing to drive back to Fort Collins, the mom mobile directed me back to that little red cart. Now it is mine and has a lovely home in our kitchen. It is the keeper of the liquor and the baking supplies. 

I love it. I'm lucky it was still waiting for me at that little store I somehow walked into last Friday. 

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