Blog Re-design!

Hello, again! If you look at the date on my last post, you will find that my absence has been massive from this little blog. I allowed myself a bit of vacation to gather my thoughts, decide exactly what I wanted this little blog to be, and to embark upon regaining a sense of creativity once again in my life. 

Good things are happening in our lives right now. Good things that I want to tell the world about. 

You will notice that things look a little different around here and the freshness of it all is something I'm excited about. I have added more pages to my blog and a new design. I have many ideas lined up for posts about my little life in the mid-west. 

There has been one theme that has been overwhelming my existence these past few months, the idea of living simple and to just keep moving in all areas of our lives. I'm embarking upon many new decor projects in our home, a garden in our backyard,  a running schedule (which is something I have never achieved before), new business ideas, and the idea of finding ways to live simple and to be part of the community we have found ourselves in. 

It is good to be back. I look forward to spending far more time here than I have in the past. 

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  1. I am so excited you are back. I had just stumbled across your blog awhile back and then you disappeared. I feel like we are similar in a lot of ways, and love reading your blog. Looking forward to your fun ideas!