Chocolate Zucchini Bread

I've really enjoyed baking lately. Which is also on the items on my 25 before 26 list. I even have endured heating up my house to desert temperatures just to bake a loaf of bread lately. Luckily, the weather is finally beginning to cool down and the process of baking isn't quite so sweaty. Fall is coming. I welcome it with open arms. 

Last night, we went to a shindig for this guy's birthday. Listen to his music. I promise you will not be disappointed. For the festivities, I baked some of my grandmother's chocolate zucchini bread. Granted, it's not the healthiest thing ever (stuff with chocolate chips loaded into its goodness, rarely ever is too good for you,) but it's delicious. 

I even was able to use some of the zucchini from our very own garden. Most of that sad little garden fought a good fight this year, but I sure do have a lot of zucchini to go around. 

Here is the recipe for the bread: 

On another note, I changed my hair for fall. It's quite the change from the strawberry blond I've been rocking for a while. My sister is awesome enough to do my hair! I'm very red right now and love it! I'm also wearing the awesome apron my mother in law picked up for me. 

There is nothing quite like having a home filled with the smell of this bread. 

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