A Simple DIY: Fall Wreath

I finally finished the fall wreath I've been working on and wanted to share the process with you all. It was very easy to create, a little time consuming, but simple nonetheless. 

What you'll need: 

  • A foam wreath (Found mine at Hobby Lobby) 
  • Yarn (in assorted colors, as many different colors as you'd like) 
  • Floral Arrangements (I found these on sale at Hobby Lobby!) 

Begin by wrapping the yarn color of choice around the foam wreath. I usually take a little piece of tape to secure the first part of the yarn. You will cover the tape with yarn eventually as you keep going. 

Keep alternating your yarn colors as much as you'd like. This doesn't have to be perfect as long as the foam wreath is completely covered and the color spacing is to your liking. 

Next, I cut the stems off of the floral arrangements from Hobby Lobby and used a glue gun to attached the leaves/flowers to the wreath in whatever way I felt was best. 

I think it turned out great and really makes our front door pop! Wrapping the yarn is a tad time consuming, but catch up on your favorite TV show and relax. The end result is exactly what I was looking for! 

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