A Bucket List for Fall

As previously mentioned, fall is most definitely my favorite season every year. I love once everything begins to cool down a bit and I can dig out my boots and scarves. I love the changing that occurs within this season: the leaves, the holidays that are right around the corner. I love the prospect of a chai or latte early in the morning on my way to work, anything to keep me sane while working at a desk all day and longingly wishing I could be outside or anywhere else. 

I decided to create a bucket list of sorts. I'm a list girl. This is how I will always role and what better way than to dedicate this list to all things fall related. 

1. Buy pumpkins. (Already accomplished this on Sunday, but figured I place it on my list anyway.) 

2. Make this hot toddy. 

3. Take a drive through the mountains and take some photographs. 

4. Bake something fall-ish: pie, bread, scones, anything. 

5. Make s'mores and sit around our fire bowl out back, all bundled up and under the stars. 

6. Find a new scarf for the new season. And maybe some new boots. 

7. Make chili. Lots of chili. 

8. Make a fall sangria

9. Cook something involving butternut squash. Soup perhaps? 

Clearly, I will be cooking, baking, or drinking through must of this season. Can't complain really. 

Bring. It. On. 

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