A Few Things I've Learned Lately

I tend to overanalyze just about everything anymore. I think about what I think about, if that makes any sense at all. I've been learning a few hard truths lately. These things are good for me to think through. I need to have these thoughts, they keep me going on the path I believe I should be on. 

1. I am a stubborn, clean freak. Ask the people who live in our home. I'm probably driving them crazy. Actually, I know that I am. Part of me hates that, part of me doesn't really know what to do with it. I'm working on my crazy, one day at a time. Does that dish left on the counter really need to freak me out all of the time? Shall it just rest there for a while? Should it? I haven't come to that conclusion quite yet. 

2. I miss my gym. We need to have the thick as thieves relationship that we once had. My thighs and the ever-encrouching love-handles will thank me one day. Going to Mexico with my work (ie swimsuit freak out time) is only 6 months away. Elliptical here I come. 

3. My will power kind of sucks. Vodka tonics are wonderful, right along with whatever carb I can get my hands on. It's a slow process of trying not to feel too deprived and accomplishing the task of still buttoning my pants every morning without any tears of agony and frustration being shed. 

4. I miss my band. We are sort of in pieces right now and far too often I realize that a piece of me really is missing when I don't let my songs be heard. (As cheesy as that may sound.) This problem must be remedied. I need to do the work. That's about it. 

5. I am a planner. As much as I loathe routine, it is the glue that holds my sanity together. I need to let go a bit more. I believe that would make every week far more enjoyable for myself and those around me. But, I already have half of my Christmas shopping done. So is this really a pro or con? I'm not so sure. 

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