Wish List Wednesday: Long Hair Envy

I've never been one to have crazy long hair. Once mine gets anywhere near that point I decide to treat it unkindly or chop it all off in a swift moment of sheer boredom. I chopped off my locks not too long ago and I tolerate it. I miss my long-ish hair. And pony-tails. And not having to do it every single day. But, I chopped it all off to give it a fighting chance because my hair was slightly damaged and I needed a fresh start. It's growing, ever so slowly, but growing still. Someday I would love to have long, healthy locks. We shall see. 

My hair envy this week.....

Adele: Stellar voice, killer hair. (Source) 
Jennifer Lawrence (Source) 
Amy Adams (Source) 

Drew Barrymore (Source) 

A girl can dream right? 

Grow hair, grow. 

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