Campfires, S'mores, and Toddy

We awoke yesterday to the beginning of our first snow. Don't get me wrong, I love the colder weather lately, but I'm not ready for snow. At all. I want to enjoy all that fall has to offer for a little while longer. Luckily, the snow didn't stick around for too long. But, sadly, we have finally resorted to turning on our horrible heater for the first time this year. That generally signals the beginning of a cold season. Our house is from the seventies and we have all of the original windows in the house. Which means: outrageous heating bills or going day to day freezing, stocking up on a good pair of house slippers, and eight blankets on our bed. We usually lean towards the second option because we aren't made of money. My philosophy regarding heat: I turn up the heater only enough for the pipes not to freeze and we bundle up. Cheap? Probably. Do we really need to replace our windows? Oh yes. Someday. 

Aside from the freaky, yet predicable Colorado weather, the rest of the day was pretty awesome. My honey and I went and saw Looper in the afternoon, which was an awesome movie. We really enjoyed it. 

On our way home from the movie theater we decided to have a nice evening at home with one of our roommates and a friend. We went to the store and purchased what we needed for a fire out back, s'mores, and hot toddy

Geoff was a huge help as always. 

My honey. 

I can now cross off three things from my fall bucket list. It was a wonderful evening. 

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