This Past Week: In A Funk

Do you ever have a week where you just feel thrown off? Nothing seems to get deep down into your bones to challenge you every day you wake up? Life is routine and that's just not enough. There must be more. 

This past week was one of those for me. In a funk and one that I didn't try too hard to get out of. I don't like these weeks, I don't enjoy those days like I want to, and I feel the need to make this next week so much better. 

Life is fine. That's about it. Nothing too extraordinary or life changing. It's in weeks like this past one that I need to put my dedication and thirst for the creative in over drive or I will surely succumb to all things ordinary and routine. 

I went to bed early most nights, also in a fight against getting the sickness that has been sweeping through our little home. I picked up the house, I wiped down the counters, I folded the laundry. I spent too many countless minutes watching mindless drab on the television. I went to work, did my job, and went home to prepare to start the same cycle the next day.

It was only 8:30pm. 

I don't need weeks like that one. I want to feel alive, like I'm challenging myself every minute that I can. I want to wake up and write. I want to drink a latte on a slow morning and do the best job I can do at my place of work. I want to work my muscles and my mind, stretching them to find a strength I didn't know I could possess. 

I want that for this next week. 

The only glimpse that shook me out of my rut was the fact that yesterday I picked up a guitar and I sat down at my keyboard. My husband and I played through my music. I have blisters on my hands that signify the fact that I haven't done these things in far too long. My instrument felt foreign for the first few songs and then I was set free. I felt the rush of something that I hadn't put my heart into for far too long. 

I need more days like that. I love that I am actually able to play music with my husband. 

I hope the songs don't become so foreign to me anymore, I hope the new ones present themselves in every hour of every day. I need that breath of fresh air, that feeling of blisters forming on my fingertips.

So many blisters. 

Being creative in life is the only way I avoid the feeling of being in a funk. 

Here's to a new week. 

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