Baby Marin: Week Thirty Five

 photo week354_zpsd76a2835.jpg

Fall is my favorite season of all and sharing it with Marin has been a blast. Today she experienced playing in some leaves for the first time. Her ultimate goal is to taste all of them and I have to watch her closely. She taunts Geoff, who is stuck inside, and he just looks out at us, pissed off that he is behind a screen. 

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About an hour after we took these photos, I realized there is a massive raccoon just hanging out in our backyard. The raccoon is bigger than our cat. I think he's living underneath our porch. Great. 

 photo week351_zps145022fb.jpg

We also had another first yesterday evening. Marin took a ride in a shopping cart for the first time sans her car seat. Target was a new land full of treasures (her mom feels the same way and so does her bank account.)  I think it's nice for her to not only be able to see the ceiling tiles whenever we go anywhere. 

 photo week352_zpsca04977a.jpg

Still no teeth but she's been pretty easy going the past few days. Nap time today has been awesome. We are currently on round two and she didn't fight either one of them. Amen and hallelujah. 

I love being able to experience simple, everyday things through the eyes of a child. 

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Week Thirty Five. 

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