The Everyday: Week Three

The past few weeks we have been all over the place. I blink and the weekend is upon us most days. There have been many hours spent at the office, on site photographing a property, editing photos until I feel like my eyeballs are going to give up, and soaking in new baby time with Gunnar and hanging out with our ever-growing, awesome kid. Life is good. Things are happening, good things that I can't wait to talk about in blog land. It's all happening.

 photo everyday9_zps2a347e3e.jpg
Editing until I can't edit anymore. 
 photo everyday111_zps76626c2a.jpg
 photo everyday12_zpsca58fd72.jpg
Sir Geoffrey. 
 photo everyday108_zps454ee58e.jpg
I see a lot of early mornings these days.
 photo everyday10_zps3dc8d75d.jpg
Taking time away in Estes. 
 photo everyday11_zps07ba448e.jpg
 photo everyday12_zps9824c2dc.jpg
Super greasy hair. Don't care!
 photo everyday13_zpseaa539b4.jpg
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." Anne of Green Gables. 
 photo everday14_zpsdbc31cbb.jpg
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 photo gunnar2_zps07aec243.jpg
Little Gunnar Nolan
 photo gunnar1_zps3b13872e.jpg
New, awesome beginnings. So proud of this mama. 

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