Baby Marin: Week Thirty Four | 8 Months

I hate teething. I hate it so much. I hate knowing that our little girl is in pain and there's only so much we can do for her. We just have to get through it. I have major respect now for all of the parents that have gone through the season of the teething child. We are only in the very beginning and I already dislike it very much.

We have had some very early mornings lately. Drool soaked clothes. Tired, weary eyes from crying. She's fighting this so hard and it shows when she finally lets exhaustion take its course and she sleeps.

 photo week34_zps5ad23094.jpg

We don't have one single tooth yet. Not a one. I keep hoping that one day I will wake up, stumble into the nursery, pick Marin up out of her crib, start nursing her, and then realize that we finally have a tooth: the one thing she has been working so hard for.

I know this is only the beginning. I know most parents are just laughing on the inside right now thinking, "Just wait until she gets molars." Oh Lord, I don't want to think about that right now. We just need one tooth. Just one.

 photo week341_zps91419d51.jpg

She now says "Mama" though, and my heart jumps a little every time. We went for a walk yesterday and she loved when the leaves would fall off of the huge neighborhood trees and into her stroller. We forgot about teething for a little bit on our walk and that was just what we needed.

I believe we will need another walk like that today, if only to forget for a little while, the fight for the first tooth.

 photo week342_zps230bcab2.jpg

Week Thirty Four. 

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