30 Things Before 30

Every year, I make a list of things that I want to accomplish by my next birthday. Here's to a new year and a new list. Some of these are big and seem lofty, some are fairly easy to accomplish. Check back every once in a while. I will have a tab at the top of this blog. If I mark something off, I usually will have a link with it. This year, I had too many things on my list which usually doesn't happen. I guess I'm ready to ring in 30 next summer with a bang. Let's do this. 
  1. Read 30 books. With my love for the library now, this should be easy. 
  2. 30 Recipes, meal plan for dinner. 
  3. Try Blue Apron or something like it. 
  4. Go on a family vacation. 
  5. Work on getting through Baby Step #2 (Dave Ramsey.) 
  6. Paint living room and hallways. Repaint kitchen cabinets. Paint trim and doors white. Lots of painting. Pretty much paint the entire inside of our house. 
  7. Try Cize. 
  8. Do another Whole 30. 
  9. Get prego, round 2. 
  10. Yoga Headstand
  11. Work through this book. 
  12. Reach my goal weight and keep moving (30 minutes, 10,000 steps, or C25k per day)
  13. Have a meal at The Kitchen. 
  14. Get a facial at She She.
  15. Take family photos
  16. Create some physical photo albums, not digital. 
  17. Be able to park the Dodge Journey in the garage. i.e....Clean it out! Dump trip. 
  18. Increase our income. Make it happen. 
  19. Potty Train Marin.
  20. Spend a lot more time outside. 
  21. Write some songs. 
  22. Breakup with online shopping and go thrifting more often. 
  23. Join a CSA or Bountiful Baskets. Buy veggies/fruits from a roadside stand. 
  24. Drink more wine.
  25. Get a blowout at a salon. 
  26. Help Marin not be such a picky eater. Expand her palate.  
  27. Capsule Wardrobe or Project 333
  28. Go to a concert at Red Rocks. 
  29. Eat like a French Woman.  
  30. Paint the outside of our house. 

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