I've been away... really I've just neglected this poor little blog. I have a lot of catching up to do.

To begin with: A Weekend Recap

My wonderful husband and I played a show in Greeley at this amazing venue called Zoe's. I couldn't believe that a place as rad as that could be located in Greeley, CO! It was such an encouraging show, full of good community and artistic inspiration. We got to play with a lovely lady, Annie Brooks. She was so wonderful.
I love walking away from a night of music with so much inspiration and encouragement.

That being said, I have so many sweet ideas for some merchandise that will hopefully become a part of my shows! More on that later...I'm exctied!! Tshirts, buttons, stickers, a new record in the works!!!

My awesome sister and I met up for an afternoon of thrifting. We found a couple of absolutely amazing stores that I didn't know existed in Old Town. The first is right on College and benefits local charities. I found a dress for work and a red purse that holds more than enough of my world in it. We then went to another store called Clothes Mentor. I thought that I had died and gone to professional clothing heaven. It is all previously worn, inexpensive, and purely awesome. I walked away with a few more dresses for work. Then we went to a few flea markets and I found an amazing suitcase to put all of my merchandise for shows in.

Such a good day.

I spent most of the day enjoying rain, drinking apple cider, and working on my 2010 planner.

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