I'm going through a sort of blog crisis. I seriously change how it looks every time I look at it. It's mildly frustrating. I'm also behind on my 365 days challenge....maybe I should do a photo a week or something, since I've been so horrible at it so far. Pull yourself together!!!

But, alas, I worked out tonight and feel really good about myself, which is lovely. I also get to learn how to crochet tomorrow which I'm entirely stoked about.

I spent most of my day in Denver at a work conference, which wasn't as great as I expected to be. But, being a big city makes me realize how much I miss this big city.

Portland, you will always be close to my heart.

As much as I love Colorado and living in a college town, I will always be a big city girl. Someday. Even just for a visit, I shall return with my wonderful husband.

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