I'm bursting at the seams today, I have the holidays on my mind. Decorating, gift brainstorming, projects. My domestic side is raging out from the caverns of my 9-5 office job of spread sheets and schedules. Sometimes I question why I do what I do. What will come of it? Or whether or not I'm just going to waste away and not live the creative life that I so dream of? That is another rant for another time.

But this is what last week entailed....snow, lots of snow!

My list is growing for this weekend. I plan on blogging a lot this weekend, for my goal is for it to be full of creativity and festivities. That is always a good goal, so lets see if I can stick to it. I've missed blogging this past week.

1. Clean house (blah)
2. Exercise
3. Work on planner
4. Keep crocheting....learn with DVD. I will conquer this!
5. Clean out closet. Take clothes to Good Will.
6. Work on new songs
7. Get hair cut and dyed. (FINALLY!)
8. Write a blog, or two!
9. Pay Bills (yuck)
10. Use inspiration/craft journal
11. Brainstorm Christmas presents and decor. Spray paint christmas tree (The white one that I found!!!! I'm so excited.)
12. Upload photos/Buy Prints
13. Dream.

May the fun begin!!

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