Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Good Weekend

This weekend has been nothing short of enjoyable and purely amazing. It began on friday for me.

I had one of my firsts as a musician. My first radio show. I was featured on the local college radio station, KCSU 90.5 with DJ Tasty. I was quite nervous, but it was really fun. He asked me a bunch of questions, played a few songs off of my last record, and had me play two newer songs live.

Then, another cool thing, my husband went and bought a guitar. His dad is so cool too, he threw in a fender acoustic amp as well. The hubby is now in gear heaven and has an acoustic guitar to call his very own.

We then went and saw this movie. Jack White will forever be the man.

Saturday began with another amazing time. We went into Pigpen Studios to start recording a brand new project. It already sounds amazing. The day couldn't have gone better. I love being able to play music that I love, with people that I love. We will being going back in a month to track a few more songs. It's happening, it's all happening.

I truly love my life.

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