Another Day, Another Dollar

Today I'm conquering my to do lists like it's no body's business! It feels good to be productive, especially on a monday. That's not to say that I haven't fought with printers all morning, been stood of for a meeting about designing a wellness program, and had to drink insane amounts of coffee to suffice for my lack of energy. But, today is a good day. I've already had another person come to me and discuss setting up a photoshoot. Looks like this one will be my first maternity shoot. I have so many ideas that I cannot wait to try out!

The rest of my afternoon will consist of me waiting ever so patiently to sign up for LA and Elsie's style class. I seriously can barely keep myself together, I'm so excited. I've missed sign ups for every other course they've done. I'm determined! 5pm couldn't come sooner.

I'm off to go drink more coffee and conquer more lists. Another day, another dollar....that gets me closer to living out my dream of working creatively full time. My wish list though is ever growing for my photography business. With all of these photoshoots in the works, they might be closer than I think.

Wish list:

Hopefully over Thanksgiving vacation, I'll finally get to shoot with one of these babies. The hubby has one that is sitting on the shelf that I can't wait to finally try out.


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