As the Weekend Dies....

I can't believe that tomorrow is already Monday once again...but time seems to be moving really slow today with the time change. With it getting dark so quickly, I'm all thrown off.

But as far as my weekend list goes....I got some of it done, yet not ALL of it like I would have preferred.

What I did get done...
- We have a clean house. Thanks to my lovely hubby helping me out today!

-My hair is colored... photo coming soon. Today I didn't even do my hair, let alone shower. :)

- Went to Hobby Lobby to get a bunch of cool craft stuff, a sewing kit, and spray paint for our infamous Christmas tree. It's white, but has a couple yellowed branches from the sun. I'm thinking we will have a aqua/silver theme or red/silver theme. Whatever I can find easiest and is the least expensive.

- I'm writing a blog as we speak. :)

- I've been brainstorming Christmas gifts all week! Finances are a pain, so I'm having to get pretty creative, but I'm getting massively excited about Christmas. Man, I love this time of year!!
- I FINISHED A SONG!!! That doesn't happen very often, but I'm way stoked about it. :)

I'm currently drooling over new tattoos as well. I already have a few, but the hubby has none. Our rule is that he has to get at least one before I get another. I must get cracking on that situation. The ink craving is returning. Better start saving the money now.

Here's a few of mine now....

But these are on my wishlist......Sigh.

Man, someday.

Now I need to go prepare for a crazy week of the dental office, music, songwriting, preparing for the studio and dreaming. I need to do that a lot more.

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