In Process

We are working on getting our tree in tip top shape for all things Christmas and decorative this weekend. Once we finally got it out of the bag it was in it, well, looks fairly pathetic so far. But, I shall not lose hope! We hauled it out back to try and spray paint some of the branches that had yellowed over the years. I can't wait to bring it back in and start brainstorming decorating with all of my ornaments I've been collecting.

I've also endeavored upon baking rolls for tomorrow. Silly me. It would have been helpful to read through the ENTIRE recipe, only to find that the dough itself needs to sit FOREVER! This will be a long night of waiting, baking, and praying that these rolls are edible come tomorrow afternoon. We shall see.

For now, I'm listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas songs...yes it's time. I've decided.

And in other news, I'm awaiting a phone call about the latest mixes for our record we are currently recording. Fingers crossed. I hope I have something to listen to later tonight!

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