I'm Stuffed

Thanksgiving was purely an amazing day full of family, friends, food, and a movie!

We began our day with taking our friends to the airport. There's nothing like drinking insane amounts of coffee while driving to the most oddly placed airport in the midwest.

Food soon followed. Our rolls were a hit!

And the men even did the dishes!!!

This afternoon, Matt and I got the opportunity to head up to Backbone Studios in Loveland, CO to begin mixing down on our latest record. That place is beyond incredible. It was a vintage gear haven. Matt just kept grabbing a different guitar every now and then, headed into the other studio, and played through numerous vintage amps while Jason and I started to mix. If I could afford actually recording a project there one day, I will!

I'm also currently devouring this book. A good read.
I love reading books that involve me getting over my procrastinating and actually reaching for my dreams and my art. It's inspiring.

And for the record, as random as it is, someday I would love to own one of these.

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