Laundry, Thrifting, and Vinyl

Today was a glorious day. And my absence here is very saddening to me. My schedule needs to slow down a bit, but that end is no where in sight.

Tonight involves.....brainstorming Christmas gifts, which I think I have all figured out.

Doing insane amounts of laundry. Does it ever end? Please make it end.

Relishing in my thrifting purchases from earlier. I feel pretty good about what I scored.

This rocking thermos. I can't wait to make my french press in the morning and tote it around in this baby.

Some more vinyl. My ears just can't get enough.

And I can't believe I haven't blogged about this, but a few weeks ago, we got a record player. I'm in love. I also had an excuse to rearrange the living room, which I love. Vinyl is my dear friend.

This week shall be crazy, but I'm ready for it. We head back into the studio on Saturday, which I couldn't more thrilled about! For the remainder of tonight, I plan on dreaming up some business plans!

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  1. I went to the laundry mat today, ugh. Hate laundry!

    your little space looks so cozy!