Please Meet: Geoff the Cat

Well, I'm officially the crazy cat lady blogging about her new crazy cat. It's happening. Right now. 

Earlier this year, we faced a difficult decision to put down our kitty, Lewis. He was a sick little fellow and his time spent with us here was very short. He was a part of our new little family and the absence of him was greatly noticed throughout our home. 

Months later, we discovered a friend of a friend that was giving away a little kitten. 

Insert Geoff here.  
(Yes, like Jeff. My husband fancies the idea of naming an animal a typical human name. Geoff or Geoffrey. Or as I like to call him Jeffey.) 

This is our new little guy. He is a handful. We trip over him constantly because he has to walk right in our feet and he follows us everywhere we go. He is our little shadow. He's kind of feisty and vocal when he doesn't get his way. But, boy can this little guy cuddle. 

He is a welcomed addition and challenge to our little home. The kitten stage is always full of new lessons and experiences. 

This is the only photo I have managed to capture of him. He's a quick little booger. 

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