Beer: In Black and White

We are blessed to live in a such a wonderful community of people. Many we have only met in the past year, some we have known for a decade or more, and some are new additions as of this very evening. These are good people. Loving people. People that understand the importance of coming together in community and just being with each other. This night, we met over beer. This beer was brewed by the hands of men in our little community, with care, patience, and love for the art of creating something of worth that can bring people together. 

Pumpkin Ale and chicken wings brought all of us together on this November night and we are blessed. Very blessed for each and every person in this room and the hands that prepared this evening for us. We toasted to life, brewing, and people. 

Mani (The coolest dog ever.) 


A Toast 

Even looking at these photos, I realize how lucky we are to be in this very place. I have never felt so part of something like this before. Community is something we truly cannot live without. 

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