Bedroom Inspiration

20 November 2011

Earlier this year, we embarked upon re-doing our outdated kitchen. We had to work with a small budget, couldn't replace any appliances (someday), and did it all with our own hands and the hands of others. My lovely friends help me paint every nook and cranny. My dad built cabinet doors and I felt like I had white paint on my hands for weeks. The outcome was exactly what we wanted. 

Now my current endeavor is that of re-doing our bedroom. Truthfully, I haven't even started it yet, but I've been collecting ideas for the past few months. After Christmas, my goal is tackle this room and make it our very own. Pinterest has helped me with my decorating obsession. This is the direction I am hoping for....

I want grey and yellow to be our main color scheme. I also love the idea of throwing a little teal in there. I'm leaning towards grey walls with yellow/teal accents. I want the overall feel to be very calming but with a few splashes of color. 

I would love to create a plush headboard as well. 

I want to focus on more natural, warm wood pieces. 



As I head into this new challenge, I will keep you all updated. Once again, we are on a small budget, but that challenge makes it even more fun. 

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  1. woah, great job in the re-do! I've always wanted to buy a fixer-upper and make it my own. yours looks beautiful!!

    xo Moorea