Instagram: The Weekend

We have been very blessed lately. My man has had two weekends in a row off. This rarely ever happens in the grand scheme of things. Most of the time our work schedules fall as being completely opposite of each other and most days are spent with me kissing him good bye in the morning while he still sleeps a few more hours. Our nights are usually me going to be stupid early and him crawling in a few hours later. Like ships passing in the night. Hopefully, someday this will change. So, when a weekend presents itself, it's time for us to relax, have a good date night or two, and work on the house. 

This Weekend: By Instagram (you can find me: bailyhollen) 

I get to one cheat day on my diet each week. Which means one thing: Donuts. I used to not like them, now that's all I want when I get to eat whatever I want. WIth extra sprinkles if possible. 
Band Practice. We have a show on Monday. (Which I've decided is a very random day for a gig. It's throwing me off.) 
We tried a new pizza place downtown for date night (also on cheat day). Delicious. 
My coffee mug at church. 
Timberline Oldtown. 
Me cleaning the house like a mad woman. Listening to Wolfmother as loud as possible. 
It has begun. Garden 2012. Let's hope I don't kill it all again. 

I love weekends. I don't love that Monday is already tomorrow. 

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