What's In My Bag

I've seen these posts done a million times over the past few years and I'm always intrigued by what people carry with them in their bags. I think you can see what a person's priorities are at times by what they carry with them. This is my "casual-weekend-I'm going thrifting and drinking way to much coffee- bag." I picked the bag up at ARC Thrift Store for a few bucks and it has treated me well. I'm all about bags I can just cram full of stuff and toss over shoulder. 

1. Bag: Thrifted from Arc
3. Keys: house, gym card, work, car, etc. 
4. My shades. As cheap as they come. Every time I buy expensive sunglasses, I manage to break them or sit on them within a few days. 
5. The stupid bracelet I have to wear at work to cover up my wrist tattoo. (Ask me how I feel about that one sometime.) 
6. An apple. With my new meal plan, I eat ALL THE TIME. I must always be prepared. 
7. My waterbottle. I consume at least 3 a day. Let's just say I flush out toxins a lot. 
8. My beloved iPhone. What I did before this, I have no idea. 
9. My nerd glasses. 
10. My iPad. 
11. My grungy wallet. I think it's time for a new one. 
12. My Moleskine. I write down everything in here. Each morning I try to spend time writing three pages before I'm off to work. It keeps me sane. 
13. These pens. They make my handwriting as legible as it will ever be. 
14. Chapstick. Or I just obsessively ask to use my husband's all of the time. 
15. My "B" notebook. I write blog ideas, lists, lists, and more lists. 

So, what's in your bag? 

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