Young Inspiration: The Water Project

I sat in church yesterday, much like many Sundays that have come before. But, on this specific day, something stuck out. More specifically, someone stuck out. During the announcements a young girl took the stage and stated that as part of her tenth birthday, she was doing something for someone else. Here enters the Water Project. Charity is raising money to help provide clean drinking water to part of the 1 billion people that live their everyday lives without it. 

Charity is just shy of ten years of age and this is what fills her mind and heart. I was just so struck by the passion of this young girl. I then began to question the lack of my own child-like heart in the midst of the fundraiser that she is embarking upon. I want her passion. I want her heart. She gets it and I find that very encouraging. 

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Please check out her website and donate if you feel the urge to. The world definitely needs more people like Charity in it. I am thankful that she shared her passion and her plan with us. A little perspective to shake up my life never hurt anything. 

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